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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide free consultations before we decide on a home care professional?

Our consultation services include an initial visit from a TLC Representative to go over the client and families immediate needs. The initial consultation & follow-up visits are free of charge.

Are your caregivers certified professionals?

We hire our caregivers from a personality profile that includes maturity, dependability, honesty and a lifelong trend towards caring for others. We do criminal record checks , background checks, DMV checks and past employment history checks. Our standard for hiring is, "Would I use this person in my own home caring for my own mother?" If the person does not fit the criterion, they will not be employed to us. 

Do you accept medical insurance (Medicare/Medicaid)?

Unfortunately, At Home TLC does not accept Medicare or Medicaid because it does not cover our type of service. It covers acute medical only, and in specific situations for a limited time. Medicare is not for long term in-home care.

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